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Carrots © Bon Fond

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France is known for its jaw-dropping produce: jewel-like vegetables, fragrant fruits, hundreds types of cheese, savory charcuterie, perfectly crunchy bread.

After working in some of Paris’ finest restaurants and receiving stunning ingredients from the top farmers in the country, Lise Kvan and Eric Montéléon began to wonder who were the talented individuals behind the products.

Lise Kvan and Eric Montéléon ©BonFond


Making it their mission to meet the farmers and food artisans of France, Lise and Eric sold all their belongings, bought a old camping car and left Paris in January 2018.


The Bon Fond caravan on the road ©BonFond


Naming the project Bon Fond, which means a “good soul” and “good stock,” they wanted to work alongside the producers, gain hands-on knowledge of their professions, and document this special combination of modern and traditional farming techniques.


Freshly dug radishes ©BonFond


They traveled counterclockwise around the country: starting in Normandy, then across to Brittany, down to Charentes, Occitane, via a month-long detour to Corsica, and up to Provence.


French farmer harvesting the vegetable patch ©BonFond


In harmony with the brand ethos, they encourage you to buy ingredients directly from farmers, waste as little as possible, and partake in the thrill of growing your own fruits and vegetables if you have a garden.


Recipe for Passionfruit and Magno Crème Caramels ©BonFond


To discover how to make this delicious Passionfruit and Mango Crème Caramel, head to Page 76 of the March/April. For more recipes and tales about French cooking, subscribe to the magazine here.  

Text by Alice White Walker – Photography by Lise Kvan and Eric Montéléon

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