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There are few cooking instruments more synonymous with French cuisine than the rose-gold shine of a copper pan.

Not too dissimilar from a luxury sports car, copper kitchenware is expensive, has bags of endurance, and will make you feel like a (Michelin) star. But importantly, it needs meticulous care to keep it looking good.

How to clean copper pans and make them shine

Stains from cooking and high heat quickly leave copper pans looking tarnished and dirty. Thorough washing and drying can only get you so far… To really get your copper pans to shine, you’ll need a trick or two up your sleeve.

Read on for our tips on how to make copper kitchenware really glow.

How to clean copper pans

The secret to cleaning French copper pans 

Cleaning your copper pans demands two things. Using some elbow grease (nothing beautiful comes without a bit of hard work!) and ditching the chemical-laden products.

Au naturel is best! To clean our copper pans, we turn to natural acids to dissolve the copper dioxide that gives them a greenish tinge. Natural alternatives are also better for the environment and are cheaper.

  • Begin with a clean base by washing off exterior and interior food stains.
  • Pop the pan in the sink and coat it in fine table salt. Pour white wine (or apple cider) vinegar over the top and layer with more salt.
  • Leave the mixture a few seconds to work its magic (you’ll already be able to see some stains disappearing).
  • Take a scouring sponge and pour some vinegar on to it. Start to massage the copper pan and remove the stains (this is where the elbow grease comes in).
  • Rinse with water and dry/polish using a clean lien tea towel.
  • Keep the clean copper shine for longer by spraying on a lacquer. Don’t forget to clean this off before cooking with them.
  • Other options for removing copper stains include a lemon juice and baking soda mix – the pair are a dream team for removing any kind of tough stains.
  • Ketchup is also a household favorite, but you might prefer to save that for your BBQs.

Voilà ! A quick and easy solution to remove stains on your classic copper pans. Do you have any miracle-formulas? We’d love to know…


This stunning collection of copper pans comes from inside the Le Prieuré de Maussane, in Provence. See more of its beautiful interiors on p59 of our July.August issue.

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Text by Alice White Walker – Photography by Bernard Touillon

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